Free Download TuneUp Utilities 2012 v12.0.2020.22 Final

SAGITA COM - Junpa lagi sobat,setelah beberapa hari ini tidak update posting karena kesibukan offline yang menumpuk, kalau dalam minggu kemarin Kami sudah memposting TuneUp Utilities 2012 Build 12.0.400.6 Beta 4 Preactivated, kali ini Kita bahas TuneUp Utilities 2012 v12.0.2020.22 Final.

Features Baru TuneUp Utilities 2012:

* TuneUp Program Deactivator
The world’s first fully automatic PC Energizer
- Optimizes PC and Windows® performance
- Reduces slowdowns caused by unnecessary programs
- Fully automatic [NEW!]

* TuneUp Economy Mode
Longer battery life and improved power efficiency
- Improves battery life on laptops, netbooks, and tablet PCs
- Reduces power consumption
- Increases your computer’s lifespan

* TuneUp Turbo Mode
Say goodbye to resource hogs
- Unlocks hidden performance for Windows®, applications, and games
- Turns off over 70 invisible resource hogs on your PC
- Enables significantly smoother work flow and gameplay

* TuneUp Live Optimization
Full power. Full usage.
- Turbocharge Windows® resource management
- Increase program responsiveness
- Accelerate program launch times

* TuneUp Startup Manager
Disable startup programs
- Starts Windows® faster than ever before
- Gets rid of annoying icons and balloon-tips in your taskbar
- Eliminates constant hard disk and CPU thrashing

* TuneUp Drive Defrag
Full Steam Ahead for Your Hard Disk
- Minimizes access times and maximises transfer rates of all hard disks
- Accelerates startup times
- Reorganizes scattered data for full performance

* One-Click Maintenance
Perfect Care. Fully Automated.
- Increases PC performance and reliability
- Saves time by performing dozens of steps simultaneously
- Works manually (One-Click Maintenance) or automatically in the background

* Gain disk space
Retrieve long lost disk space and performance in a snap
- Deletes junk data to regain precious disk space
- Frees up space for more programs, downloads, photos, and videos
- Restores tremendous power on PCs with a full hard disk

* TuneUp Uninstall Manager
Get rid of old, unnecessary programs!
- Shows which programs you haven’t used in ages
- Details applications hogging resources
- Increases PC speed with each uninstalled program

* TuneUp Registry Cleaner und Registry Defrag
- Clean up your registry
- Cleans your Windows® registry and solves problems with Windows® and third-party software
- Repairs structural defects
- Makes editing your registry a breeze

* TuneUp Disk Space Explorer
Tracking down those greedy memory hogs
- Detects massive hard disk hogs
- Allows you to see what type of data is taking up the most disk space
- Helps you create a new, optimized structure

* TuneUp Shortcut Cleaner
Remove broken shortcuts
- Cleans your desktop so you find your favorite programs and files quickly
- Deletes orphaned shortcuts and references
- Avoids error messages when launching programs

* TuneUp Undelete
Last Minute File Recovery
- Prevents disastrous data loss
- Restores previously deleted files
- Compatible with USB sticks and memory cards

* Clean Hard Disk
Regain disk space and ensure privacy
- Deletes traces and leftover files
- Increases privacy
- Prevents data theft

* TuneUp Shredder
Delete sensitive data once and for all
- Wipes sensitive files safely and completely
- Offers 3 thorough delete algorithms
- Protects a user’s privacy and sensitive data

* TuneUp System Information
Take a peek inside your PC
- Enables you to learn about your PC’s internal components
- Details all PC resources
- Helps locate memory, CPU, and network hogs easily

* Status & recommendations
Problems and neglected maintenance steps – all in one place!
- Instantly shows all bottlenecks and incorrect settings
- Unlocks your PC’s true potential
- Finds the most effective solution in seconds

* Optimization Status
Your very own optimization checklist!
- Easy and useful optimization checklist
- Shows all your optimization steps
- Detects unused tuning potential

* TuneUp Performance Optimizer
Effective recommendations for increased PC performance
- Shows all performance recommendations for your PC
- Details specific optimization steps
- Based on your personal profile

* TuneUp Repair Wizard
Instant fixes for your PC
- Fixes vulnerabilities, problems, and incorrect PC settings
- Solves most problems with just one click
- Improves overall security, stability, privacy, and performance

* TuneUp Disk Doctor
Check hard disk for errors
- Detects and fixes hard disk errors
- Locates and repairs files that are missing or damaged
- Prevents data loss

* TuneUp Styler
Give your PC a well-deserved facelift
- Improves the look and feel of Windows®
- Replaces the entire Windows® user interface
- Fun and fresh designs, logon screens, and boot logos available

* TuneUp System Control
Customize Windows® options and behaviors
- Choose from over 400 Windows® settings
- Improve usability both in Windows® and 3rd party applications
- Avoid annoying and risky edits to your Windows® registry

* TuneUp Utilities™ Start Center
Ultimate All-in-One Start Tool
- Instant access to all 5 optimisation tabs
- Shows all PC problems and performance alerts
- Easy toggling between TuneUp Economy Mode and Turbo Mode

* Overview of all functions
All our features in one Window
- Gives you 32 features in one window
- Provides instant access to all power features
- Ensures you don’t miss a single optimization step

* TuneUp Utilities™ 2012 Settings Center
The all-in-one panel
- Displays the most important tweaks and settings
- Puts you in charge
- Controls 12 optimization categories

* TuneUp Update Wizard
Check TuneUp Utilities™ 2012 for Updates
- Keeps TuneUp Utilities™ 2012 constantly up to date
- Updates help files and contents
- Makes our tuning features even more effective

* TuneUp Optimization Report
Your personal progress check
- Outlines a complete history of all fixes
- Helps you understand every optimization step performed
- Reports go back 7 days, 30 days, or when you first installed TuneUp Utilities™ 2012

What’s New?
- TuneUp Economy Mode
- The Improved TuneUp Program Deactivator with Automatic Function
- The new TuneUp Utilities settings
- The New-Look Start Center
- The Improved Overview of All Functions

System Requirements
- Windows® XP (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows Vista® or Windows ®7 (32-bit or 64-bit version)
- Min. 300 MHz processor
- 256 MB RAM
- Screen resolution at least 1024×600 pixels
- Online version: at least 150 MB of free disk space
- CD version: at least 400 MB of free disk space (and CD-ROM or DVD drive)
- Internet Explorer® 6 or higher

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Free Download TuneUp Utilities 2012 v12.0.2020.22 Final
Free Download TuneUp Utilities 2012 v12.0.2020.22 Final
SAGITA COM - Junpa lagi sobat,setelah beberapa hari ini tidak update posting karena kesibukan offline yang menumpuk, kalau dalam minggu kemarin Kami suda...
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