mIRC v7.34 Full

SAGITA COM - mIRC v7.34 Full adalah software Internet Relay Chatting client yang populer digunakan oleh jutaan orang, dan ribuan organisasi, untuk berkomunikasi, berbagi, bermain dan bekerja dengan satu sama lain pada jaringan IRC di seluruh dunia. mIRC v7.34 Full telah berkembang menjadi kuat, dapat diandalkan dan menyenangkan. mIRC v7.34 Full telah dikembangkan selama lebih dari satu dekade dan terus-menerus ditingkatkan dan diperbarui dengan teknologi terbaru.

mIRC v7.34 Full
mIRC v7.34 Full

Feature mIRC v7.34 Full :
  • Added a Switchbar font option that allows you to change the style and size of font used by the switchbar buttons to improve visibility.
  • Fixed SSL certificate password dialog box being displayed multiple times when multiple SSL connections are in progress.
  • Added a number of math identifiers such as $atan2(), $hypot() and $intersect() that returns the point at which two lines/rays intersect.
  • Changed the display size of the toolbar and switchbar buttons to make them more usable on tablet touch screens.
  • The small and large button size now also apply to the toolbar.Added CAP support for the userhost-in-names and server-time server features.
  • Extended SendMessage() support in a number of ways, including the ability to disable SendMessage() support in the Lock dialog.
  • Changed Clear History feature to retain non-privacy related settings, such as interface settings for the treebar, switchbar, toolbar and script editor.
  • Extended mouse wheel support to work in interface elements, such as list boxes in dialogs, under the cursor even if they are not active.
  • Added a $servertarget identifier to return the original address specified in the /server command.
  • Improved the way server passwords are stored in servers.ini and channels list lock passwords are stored in mirc.ini.
  • Added a $input() 'f' switch that forces the return of $no/$cancel for edit/combo boxes.
  • Other changes and bug fixes.

Requirements :
  • Windows NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8.
  • Internet Connection.

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mIRC v7.34 Full
mIRC v7.34 Full
SAGITA COM - mIRC v7.34 Full adalah software Internet Relay Chatting client yang populer digunakan oleh jutaa...
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